Kids Parties

Jimbo has had many years of experience successfully performing his G-Rated comedy in the following venues:

  • Schools 
  • Kids Parties 
  • Kindergartens 
  • Aboriginal Communities 
  • Amusement Parks 
  • Television shows

In 2002 Jimbo performed as comic relief during the Young Leaders, Leadership forums held in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. The conference included the school captains from High Schools right across the state.

Since then Jimbo has been in demand as key note comedian in schools across Australia.

Jimbo has performed at over a thousand children’s parties in Sydney. His speciality is making everyone at the party including the parents laugh.

In 1994, Jimbo traveled to Wisconsin, USA, to participate in Clown Camp at the University of La Crosse

Following this he was selected for the Ringling Bros & Barnum and Bailey Clown College. This College auditions over 3000 people each year in America and selects 30 for an eight week intense training course, in order to tour throughout America with the circus.

After being selected and then encountering green card problems, Jimbo took up a contract offer instead, to tour throughout amusement parks in Japan, doing a one-man clown show. He was based at Tokyo’s oldest amusement park, Korakuen Park next to Tokyo Dome.

From 1997-2000 Jimbo the Clown was the feature act at Sega World, Darling Harbour, Australia

In 2001 Jimbo performed the first stand-up show for kids at The Melbourne Comedy Festival.

Jimbo’s TV credits as a clown include:

A Country practice (Channel 7)
Foxcubs (Foxtel)
Cubbyhouse (Foxtel)
Amanda Keller’s working girl (Channel 10)





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